Sesta Fosta Fall Out

I was listening to the radio earlier today and a man who was being interviewed said he personally knows of five adult service providers, who have died in the past three weeks, since Sesta Fosta was passed and implemented. He knows of five, personally. And he is just one person. Imagine how many more there are out there.

The people who do sex work live precariously on the edge of survival. Something like this can catapult them into homelessness very quickly. The quicksand of homelessness is just a long slow miserable torturous death. Overdose is a much more appealing way to go. Unfortunately, only two of the women committed suicide. One was "accidentally" killed in a domestic violence dispute, which always increases in times of tremendous financial stress. Two were murdered walking the street, which they wouldn't have been doing, if they could have found clients on the internet and screened them.

The statistics will probably never be released.

What's happening is a combination of genocide, homicide and suicide. The government is committing genocide by wiping out the advertising venues of everyone because there are a few bad apples in the midst. The hard core hobby lobby committed homicide by insisting on indiscreetly putting service providers at risk. Service providers committed suicide by blatant advertising in rebellion of moral law, which made it impossible for the government to distinguish them from sex slave traffickers.

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