Sesta Fosta Fall Out

I was listening to the radio recently and the man being interviewed said he personally knew five adult service providers, who had died within three weeks of Sesta Fosta being passed and implemented. He alone knew five, personally. And that is just one city, and one neighborhood. Imagine how many more have died. The statistics will probably never be released.

Many people who do sex work are living precariously on the edge of survival. Something like Sesta Fosta can catapult them into homelessness very quickly. The quicksand of homelessness is a long slow miserable torturous death for all who succumb to it. Overdose is a much more appealing way to go. Unfortunately, only two of the women he knew committed suicide. One was "accidentally" killed in a domestic violence dispute, which always increases in times of tremendous financial stress. Two were murdered walking the street, which they wouldn't have been doing, if they could have found clients on the internet and screened them.

What's happening is a combination of genocide, homicide, and suicide. The government is committing genocide by wiping out the advertising venues of everyone because there are people who take advantage of the vulnerable and exploit minors. The hardcore hobby lobby is committing homicide by insisting on indiscreetly putting service providers at risk. Service providers are committing suicide with blatant rebellious advertising that makes it impossible for the government to distinguish them from sex slaves who are unwillingly being trafficked.

Until the hardcore hobbyists wake up to the folly of insisting on bragging rights that enable a sense of entitlement, and as long as they continue putting service providers at risk by refusing to be discreet, everybody who gets involved in the adult services industry, especially as a service provider, will be subject to victimization and sexual oppression unnecessarily. The reason so many adult service providers consider sex work a viable choice is because the other income options that are available to them involve extreme poverty, which is worse.

If not for the desire to avoid poverty, many service providers would never have become involved. For those who get involved, the work is often viewed as temporary, and they have a hope of eventually making enough money to retire. The hobbyist's need to share details that put self and others at risk undermines the potential credibility of an industry that could easily become self-regulating, legitimate, and ethical. What could possibly be wrong with a five-star review system that forbids people from indiscreetly sharing fantasies or telling stories that might get anyone investigated, arrested, or used as evidence in court?

Adultery is illegal, but the government doesn't enforce the law because it is so commonplace and the people involved indulge very discreetly. Being discreet makes it difficult and expensive for the government to enforce laws, especially when no harm has been done, no health risks have been taken, and there are no witnesses willing to come forward and complain. What two consenting adults do in private, after they have had a chance to get to know each other, and become friends, is nobody's business if no harm is being done. The US Constitution guarantees people the right to pursue such happiness. Putting people at risk by sharing intimate details that more appropriately should remain private is a form of victimization that needs to stop.

If the sharing of such details is essential to the wellbeing of mankind, then hardcore hobbyists need to lobby and have prostitution legalized everywhere like it is in Nevada so they can talk openly without requiring service providers to put their lives and freedom at stake.

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