Many years ago there were priestesses in the temples who trained young men in the ways of sacred sexuality. In those days wise leaders made prostitution illegal to insure that all men would learn how to make love in a way that inspires trust, confidence, passion, and a willing heart. The ability to gently guide and coax a woman to have a mutual simultaneous orgasm with you is an advanced sacred sensual art that evokes profound spiritual bliss akin to the state of enlightenment. Unfortunately, today there are no priestesses in the temples and many men say they feel ashamed, abandoned, misunderstood, rejected, and neglected by their wives and lovers. Most people inherently sense that something is missing in their sexual relationships, but they don't know what it is. What if you could discover it again through the experience of divine body nurturing rituals and other satisfying skin-quenching flow of soul therapies with the opportunity to both give and receive?

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